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Suspended Ceilings

Complete Interiors, designs and fits suspended ceilings for commercial property in Surrey, the South East of England and further afield. We believe our rates are highly competitive, contact us today for a no obligation quote.

Suspended ceilings not only greatly improve an interior’s look but can also offer noise reduction, thermal insulation, fire and moisture resistance. The ceilings we provide are bespoke, offering a solution for all your creative and practical needs.

Complete Interiors offer an extensive range of celling tiles with a choice of harmonious patterns, styles and textures. The aesthetic and practical advantages of a suspended ceiling are matched with the quick and simple installation process. Suspended ceilings enable easy access to services above the ceiling such as air conditioning and lighting.

Metal Framed Ceilings – M/F

Metal framed ceilings, ideally suited to boardroom or reception areas, are used to create a flush monolithic finish with the plasterboard lining jointed to from a seamless, uniform surface suitable to receive most decorative finishes.

They can be constructed on their own to form a complete ceiling or combined with a suspended ceiling to create bulkheads or curved features. This alternative ceiling offers a smooth surface and with the addition of modern lighting, the MF ceiling certainly creates a very clean, stylish and contemporary look.



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